Common myths

Common myths:

Tonal alarms are safer than white noise alarms

Some say that that beeper alarms are louder and therefore safer. However, louder doesn’t necessarily mean safer. Tonal alarms have a single frequency which doesn’t make it very easy to locate. It  easily confuses and irritates people, especially when there are multiple vehicles.

The law requires beeper alarms

No.  According to a review by Burgess & McCarty (2009), the occupational health and safety regulations in the various States of Australia only require that an effective warning device be incorporated, but not that it needs to be an audible alarm.

White noise alarms are too quiet

White noise alarms can come as loud as 107db which is about as loud as a chainsaw or gas lawnmower – and can be heard up to 400 metres away.

You’re selling white noise alarms!

No, as much as I wish I could benefit financially from the conversion to white noise alarms, I have no stake nor job involvement with them. I am doing this because I can hear beeping alarms when I wake up.

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